Sensei introduction

We are a group of passionate young (sort of young-ish) teachers. We are very experienced, fully qualified and also we enjoy life. We want to teach our students more than textbook Japanese. We want to teach our students how to love and learn Japanese and to become automatic and independent lifelong Japanese learners.

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Ayumi sensei 

Talented, young and passionate Japanese primary school teacher with more than four years of full-time teaching experience. Ayumi sensei also worked as a Japanese teacher in a Columbian primary school. Currently doing a Master of education at UQ.

Nancy sensei

University lecturer from Japan completing her PhD in applied linguistics. Current QLD teacher registration holder. Former lecturer at the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Osaka University. Loves Japanese language/culture/food/drinks, golf, salsa, exercise, talking and meeting new people. Currently in a love and hate relationship with her dissertation writing.

Misuzu Sensei

A young and fully qualified Japanese language teacher. Shy at first but very sweet and very patient with her students.  Loves baking sweets so if you take one of her classes, you might be lucky to try one of her totemo oishii okashi.

Kasumi sensei

Fully qualified Japanese language teacher and have four years of full-time Japanese teaching experience in Thailand. Specialise teaching Japanese in Japanese even to beginners.