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Origami event at UQ art museum

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折り紙(おりがみ)をつくりました。 Origami wo tsukurimashita. We went to an origami event hosted by UQ. The smallest ever 🙂 No one else except us and we were given some white A4 paper to fold the origami with DIY instructions.  But still, we had fun.  


〜たり 〜たり+します。~tari, ~tari + shimasu. Wanting to express doing 2 (or more) actions

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しゅうまつにテレビをみたり、おんがくをきいたりします。 Shumatsui ni telebi o mitari, ongaku o kiitari, shimasu. I watch TV, listen to music (and maybe more) on the weekends. 2 lots of plain past tense form (ta) + ri, and then finish the sentence with shimasu. 1) miru = mita + ri = mitari 2) kiku = kiita + ri = kiitari  […]