Blue Belt

8-week intermediate course (90mins/once a week). It aims to help serious intermediate learners further their Japanese learning. The course covers grammar points and vocabulary (adjectives, verbs, nouns) of  JLPT N4. However, it is not an exam preparation course so it does not concentrate on test taking exercises. In a small group context, it encourages students to engage in real life conversation, free talking and to familiarise students converse in Japanese. Four skills will be covered with a predominant focus on speaking.  Textbook will be used as the base but it also covers many culture points and cultural activities. It offers a systematic, effective and fun way to further Japanese learning.

Course duration: 8 week (90mins/lesson)

Course day & time: Tuesday 5:30-7pm

(Note) Come and see if you like our classroom. お待ちしております。