Surviving Japan Course

A practical, fun and interactive course to give people as much survival Japanese as they can take away in 4 weeks without bombing them with too much grammar. It aims to give people a taste of how much fun Japanese learning can be. This is a course for beginners or to refresh memory for ex-Japanese learners. All Lessons are task based and thus you don’t need knowledge of Japanese hiragana, katakana or Kanji. Zero preparation is needed. All you need is a pen and your love for Japan/Japanese. In 4 weeks, you will learn in Japanese how to: 1) self introduction, basic conversation, family, survival adjectives and nouns, 2) basic survival verbs (masu form) and numbers, 3) shopping, dinning out and ordering, and 4) making Tel calls, asking directions, and transportation. 

Course duration: 4 weeks (4 lessons/90mins per lesson)

Courses started: 

Wednesday course August 8th (7-8:30pm) –  full/registration closed

Saturday course August 11th (2-3:30pm) – full/registration closed

Please contact us if you are interested in the next round of offer.

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