White Belt

4-week beginner intensive summer course (90mins/twice a week).It aims to teach Japanese in a systemic, effective and fun manner to help beginner learners gradually mastering Japanese. The course covers grammar points and vocabulary (adjectives, verbs, nouns) of JLPT N5. However, it is not an exam preparation course so it does not concentrate on test taking exercises. It focuses on speaking and conversation and uses many interactive activities such as pair, group work and mini presentations. . Textbook will be used as the base but the course goes beyond the usage of textbook. Students would learn Japanese through learning about Japan and different cultural points and experience related to Japan.  Drop in for a trial lesson! 

Course starts date: 22nd Nov 

1. Monday 7-8:30pm

2. Thursday 7-8:30pm

(Note) for learners with experience, we also have white belt advanced and yellow belt courses. Please ask.